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The Acts and Regulations that govern land use, development, building, fire safety, certification and ongoing uses in NSW are very complex.  We don't do anything without agreement about the strategy to be taken.  For applicants seeking changes to environmental planning instruments to mum and dad applicants seeking to do minor works, strategy matters.  The same applies in appeals or in submissions from neighbours or associations.  Where we cannot not provide the expertise needed we can help you find the right expert.  

We are happy to take your call or email and consider whether we can assist you in achieving your goals.  We do not take on every project.  We only take on projects where we are confident that we can help our clients.  We rely on open and transparent communication of the facts to establish whether or not we can add real value to projects or we can assist in providing strategic and professional advice.

Daintry Associates Pty Ltd

Daintry Associates Pty Ltd provides competent Planning, Building Surveying and Environmental Health support to our clients.  We focus upon a strategic approach to the application of Environmental Planning and Assessment that is outcomes focussed.

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5 John St, Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia

0408 463 714

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